About the Chain O’ Lakes

Living by the Chain O’ Lakes

The Chain O’ Lakes consists of 22 lakes connected by channels, passages and creeks in Waupaca County. The Lakes are in between Hartman Creek State Park and King.

The Chain O’ Lakes were formed through a receding glacier that melted around 12,500 years ago, leaving an irregular topography. Organic matter along with sand, gravel and rocks washed up at the bottom of the valleys, creating the unique terrain. Massive ice chunks melted in the pits, forming the lakes that make up the Chain. Melting ice exposed the natural springs that provide the lakes with very pure water, and this natural filtration maintains the crystal clarity of the waters.

Zip Code:

  • 54981

Geo Coordinates:

  • Latitude: 44.3429059
  • Longitude: -89.1429791

Things to Do on the Chain O’ Lakes

In the summertime there is plenty of things to do along the Chain including hiking, swimming, boating, fishing and dining. Public and private boat cruises are available through the Clearwater Harbor, including the Double Decker Sternwheeler known as the Chief Waupaca or the Lady of the Lakes Motor Yacht.

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