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Stone-Coated Steel Shingles for Residential and Commercial Roofs Installed by NCW in Wisconsin

Compared to regular steel or asphalt roofs, Decra’s Stone-Coated Steel Roofing lasts longer and is easy to install, while appropriate for both residential and commercial roofs. Decra’s shingles look like traditional shingles but exhibit the strength and durability of metal.

Can it go over the top of my existing roof?

Many people want double protection on their roof and want to know if a Decra roofing can go over the top of their existing roof. The answer is Yes, and this also offers additional insulation to the property, especially if it’s in a location that experiences extreme temperature conditions. It will eventually lower your energy costs both in summer and winter.

Can I walk on it without denting it?

Yes. Decra shingles are designed to withstand massive weights, so walking on it will hardly create a dent.

How do the pieces hook together?

Decra stone-coated steel shingles use short course clips and starter clips to keep the roof surface in place. Both these hooks are attached side by side to support the entire structure of the roof. Adjacent to the starter clip, a gable channel, also known as the rake channel is attached on either side forming an L-shape with the hooks. Now coming to the front end of the shingle, 4 more starter clips are attached on all the sides of the gable channel. So, if you look at it from the top, the left and right side of the roof will have gable channels, and the front and back end will have starter clips and short course clips. This offers the much-need strength to the roof.

Durability compared to asphalt shingles and steel panels

Decra’s products are more durable compared to steel panels and asphalt shingles. These shingles combine several factors that provide the versatile look of tiles. But, with their interlocking design, the shingles can withstand high winds, making it the appropriate choice for places that experience high winds. The strength of these shingles is enormous compared to asphalt shingles and steel panels.

Asphalt shingles tend to warp or crack after a few years. On the other hand, Decra’s stone-coated steel shingles are designed to last for decades. Their superior protection against rain, hail, and storm is unmatched; something that not even some of the best steel panels can offer.

Warranty information

Decra’s shingles come with a limited lifetime warranty that includes hail penetration, manufacturing defects, and 120 mph winds. You can be sure that there will not be excessive granule loss, which tends to be the case with other brands. Most importantly, labor and material are covered for the first 20 years after which the material will have the remaining warranty.

Decra Stone-Coated Steel Panel Layers
Residential Stone-Coated Steel Shingle Roofing
Black Creek Church with Decra Steel Shingle in Old Hickory Installed by NCW
Shawano Church with Decra XD Steel Shingle Roofing Installed by NCW
Sidewalk View of Wisconsin Residence with Stone-Coated Steel Shingle Roofing Installed by NCW

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