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Fabral Residential and Agricultural Steel Roofing | NCW Exteriors | WI

Fabral Steel Roofing FAQ

Metal Roof Systems (GrandRib 3® and GrandRib 3 Plus®) for Residential and Agricultural Buildings in Wisconsin


How much longer will a steel roof last than other roofing products such as asphalt shingle?

Metals such as steel are widely known to be strong and durable materials. Steel roofing may last up to two or three times more than other types of roofing such as asphalt shingle. In many cases, steel roofs can last up to 50 years and, if well-maintained, can last even longer.

Can it go over the top of my existing roof?

Yes. The steel is not that heavy, meaning that it can easily go over the top of your existing roof. Fabral’s products can be installed over other types of roofs such as fiberglass or asphalt. This means that your existing roof does not have to be removed for you to install our steel products (GrandRib 3® and GrandRib 3 Plus®). This saves both time and money. Lathing boards are fit in between the existing roof and the new steel system to enhance stability as well as insulation.

Can I walk on it without denting it?

Steel can withstand a lot of pressure over time without becoming weak or losing stability, so it’s possible to walk on it without any problem. However, there is usually no need to walk on this type of roofing as it requires very minimal maintenance.

Are the screws hidden?

The screws used in the installation of our steel products (GrandRib 3® and GrandRib 3 Plus®) are made to match the texture and color of the actual roof. The screws fit in perfectly to form a uniform surface throughout.

Will it fade?

Our steel roofing products are coated with high-performance paints (similar to those used on skyscrapers and bridges) and has been proven to stay intact and retain the same color and brightness for more than 30 years. It will not be fading any time soon. Even when it does fade after many decades, a fresh coat of paint can be applied to make your roof appear brand new.

What is the Warranty?

Because Fabral’s steel products last far longer than other options, they typically come with very lengthy warranties as long as 30 years. You are always assured of getting a replacement in case of unforeseen damage. GrandRib 3® and GrandRib 3 Plus® come with valid warranties that cover everything from denting to fading and even malfunctioning. For more information, visit Fabral’s metal wall and roof system warranty information page.

You can rely on NCW for excellence in metal roof repair, replacement, and installation in Wisconsin.

Oshkosh, WI, Fabral Steel Roof Installation by NCW Exteriors
A&W Restaurant in Central Wisconsin with Orange Steel Roofing Installed by NCW
Wisconsin Residential Roof with GrandRib 3 Steel Panel Installed by NCW
Wisconsin Church Roof with GrandRib 3 Panel Installed by NCW

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