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Flat roof systems are most common in industrial and commercial buildings and these buildings are very often covered with or coated in traditional roofing materials that are unable to withstand harsh elements, natural and man-made, over very long periods of time. This results in a series of premature damaging effects such as shrinking and pulling at seams, dissolving when exposed to certain oils and chemicals, rust and corrosion, cracking, trapping of water and warm moisture vapor, pooling of water and build-up of ice. These factors will eventually lead to leaky buildings and escalating maintenance costs.

Utilizing the latest in roofing technology, NCW has the perfect replacement solution. It is not a patch or a coating, but a complete roofing system, and it’s called Duro-Last.

Features & Benefits of Flat Roofs

The Duro-Last roofing system’s performance is a balance between film formulation, membrane thickness and reinforcement custom fabricated to your building’s rooftop specifications. Custom prefabrication in a controlled environment ensures quality-assured products providing ultimate protection for your flat roof.

The Duro-Last roofing system is:

  • Energy-efficient. Our white membrane reflects over 86% of the sun’s energy, providing years of savings in cooling costs. Plus, Duro-Last is proud to be a charter partner of the ENERGY STAR® Roof Products Program. Additional local, state and federal incentives are often available.
  • Watertight. Being comprised of a flexible membrane able to expand and contract with temperature changes, this roof system eliminates the risk of rooftop leaks.
  • Resistant to chemicals, fire, and weather. This makes Duro-Last ideal for ANY TYPE of flat roofed business operating in our extreme hot-cold Wisconsin weather environment.
  • Relatively non-disruptive to install. The membrane can be installed over most new or existing substrates virtually eliminating the need for tear-offs and disposal. Because 85% of the membrane is seamed in-factory, work crew labor time is greatly reduced.
  • Clean and safe. Hot air welding is used to fully bond seams so there are no unpleasant odors or use of dangerous chemicals. And Duro-Last has earned NSF/ANSI 347 Platinum certification for sustainability.
  • Code compliant. Duro-Last has been approved by the International Building Code (IBC), approved by Factory Mutual as a 1-60, 1-90, 1-105, 1-150 and 1-210 roofing system, and listed by Underwriters Laboratories as a UL Class A material.

Warranty of Our Flat Roofs

Duro-Last’s warranty is considered the best in the business because:

  • It is included at no additional cost to the customer.
  • Each roof project is inspected upon completion by a Duro-Last Technical Representative to ensure the Duro-Last roofing system installation specifications were effectively executed for warranty approval.
  • The warranty is issued directly from the Duro-Last Quality Assurance Department.
  • It is valid for 15 years (40-MIL Membrane) or 20 years (50-MIL Membrane) during which time you pay nothing for materials or labor for any covered repairs and/or replacement.
  • The warranty is completely transferable, at no charge, to a new building owner.



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