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Form and Function of Basic Commercial Roofing Systems | NCW Exteriors

The Form and Function of 3 Basic Commercial Roofing Systems

Considerations for Pitched, Low-Sloped, and Flat Roofs of Commercial Locations in Central Wisconsin (or Anywhere)

Every commercial roof has its own particular challenges. While it’s difficult to say whether one is necessarily better than the other without getting into the unique situation of each building, there are some basic things to consider with each type of roof. Here we will briefly discuss 3 basic types of roofs for commercial buildings: Pitched, Low-Sloped, and Flat. If you have any questions (as we would expect), please feel free to contact us today!

Pitched Roofs

Because they are easy to maintain and install, pitched roofs are common for residential homes as well as commercial buildings.

The convenient thing about a pitched roof is that it is easier to clear off snow and water due to the increased slope. This is particularly worth considering if you live in an area that experiences heavy rainfall and snow because the steep slope reduces water stagnation or the build-up of debris.

It can be somewhat challenging to repair and maintain pitched roofs because of the way they are installed. Roofers may use special equipment to transfer materials from one section of the roof to another.

Low-Sloped Commercial Roofs

Low-sloped commercial roofs are often installed in warehouses, apartments, and factories. They have a slight pitch even though it appears to be flat, and they are rather easy to maintain.

The purpose of a low-sloped roof is the reduction of build-up while directing water and other debris to the appropriate place, e.g. a drain or valley. They are also easy to repair and replace compared to other roofing systems.

Of course, low-sloped roofs may become damaged if they carry excess weight. Therefore, it is important that you keep the roof clear to make sure that there are no unwanted materials or excessive accumulation of snow, which is not uncommon in late winter in Wisconsin.

Flat Roofs

The prevalence of flat roofs for commercial buildings is related to affordability and easy installation.

Commercial flat roofs are also relatively easy to maintain and are made of different materials such as rubber rolled roof, PVC bitumen, and TPO. They can last a very long time without experiencing major damage.

NCW Exteriors stands by Duro-Last membranes for our commercial flat roof installation process.

Obviously, water and debris can very easily build up on the roof and damage the material if not removed or cleared away. Regular maintenance and clearing of debris can be invaluable for the preservation of your roof.

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