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FAQ | Central Wisconsin Roofing | NCW Exteriors

Central Wisconsin Roofing FAQ

NCW’s General Customer Questions

How do I know when it is time to replace my roof?

A leaking roof is the obvious indicator. Other signs that your roof may be in need of replacing include curling or cracking of shingles, or excessive loss of surface stones. This extreme wear leaves your substructure extremely susceptible to moisture elements which in turn cause rot and/or mold.

Do you do roof repairs and related services?

Yes! Roof repair caused by storm damage, animals, or as the result of the aging process, is one of the many services we offer. We can also rebuild barn doors, install gutters, soffit, fascia and snow guards, and perform roof washes.

Do you do roof inspections?

Yes! We can do an inspection to make sure your roof does not have any minor issues that could turn into major issues. As with any building structure, regular maintenance helps keep repair and energy costs down.

Can an estimate be provided direct to my insurance company?

Yes! We are happy to submit a hard copy or digital copy to any insurance provider in order to expedite the roof repair or replacement process. Often times, insurance companies will have additional questions and this allows for direct communication to keep your project moving.

How quickly can you work on my roof?

Our schedule is dictated by several factors including the number of projects currently booked, how long each of those projects take, and last (but certainly not least) the weather. Rain, sleet, and snow delay all projects, big or small.

Do you do commercial roofs?

Yes! Commercial and industrial roofs are our specialty! We install Duro-last roof systems to flat or low-pitched roofs. The Duro-Last roof system is a strong, reinforced thermoplastic single-ply membrane that is “precision fabricated” to your building’s specifications in a controlled factory environment, including all accessories and edge details.

How much more is it to get a steel roof versus an asphalt shingle roof?

Surprisingly, in some cases, steel can actually be more economical than asphalt shingle. Other factors would include choice of steel panel. For example, standing seam and steel shingles tend to cost more than corrugated steel panels.

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